velkominHæ! Velkomin á nýju heimasíðuna mína. Hér getur þú kynnt þér það sem ég hef verið að gera í tónlist og jafnframt fylgst með því sem er framundan. Á síðunni getur þú hlustað á tónlistina mína, kíkt á myndir og með tímanum eigum við eftir að bæta við meira efni s.s. myndböndum o.fl. Hlakka til að fá þig hingað í heimsókn sem oftast.                                                           -Íris Lind.

Multicultural Education and It's Great Values


Thisis the kind of education that gets to incorporate different beliefs, histories, and perspectives from people of different ethnicities acheter du cialis en ligne and backgrounds. It teaches one to embrace what others believe in which only happens when you understand why exactly they believe in it and allowing oneself respect that particular belief for their sake to avoid enmity



It is not enough to complain too much about something we have little or no information about, and it is therefore important to always have a background study of that which we do not know. That is why multicultural education today is important, and this is why:

  • It helps those learning get to develop a positive self-image

There are students who grow up knowing that their cultures are mostly not spoken well of. This may cause them to either feel out of place and even get to instill in them a sense of rejection making it difficult to interact with other students. However, multicultural education comes to enhance an equality in all cultures, even with everything happening so differently so everyone may get to feel their importance and worth.

  • It helps students receive an equitable education opportunity

What this means is that no student is left out or behind because of their ethnicity and culture. Instead, multicultural education has come stating that all students are equal to good treatment regardless of your culture or where you come from.

  • It allows multiple ways of thinking

When students from different cultures are allowed to mingle, it allows for broader thinking. This is because it provides an avenue to understanding why different cultures get to live and to behave as they do and that is where acceptance and even respect for different cultures begins to get experienced.

  • It teaches students to critique what's happening in society in the interest of social justice

This is experienced when students are allowed to mingle with other students. In mingling, there are bonds and friendships created, and this gets to reduces the chances of being too judgmental on another because of how they get to live, how they behave and certain cultures they may have that they have adapted t and have stuck to for the longest time.

We can, therefore, conclude and say that, with multicultural education, no one will get to feel superior to the other. This is because every ethnic group has got its way of life that is either accepted by the rest or often spoken ill of because nothing good seems to come out of it. However, this is getting together and learning together only gives room to grow, to love and to understand that all persons are equal and are only separated by a few differences in culture but this does not get to make them less human. That way, there is usually no room to judge or to critic another way of life of another person, and that is why the multicultural education system should be encouraged in all schools.